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Clean-waterDEF is used along with Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR) to reduce the amount of oxides through exhaust releasing Nitrogen and water vapor into the air.

What makes Brenward DEF products different? It’s the water. Think beer for a moment. There is a large-scale brewer that makes the claim that their product is superior due to the crisp, clear waters of the Rockies. Such is the case with Brenward N2DEF product.  Many DEF purveyors are not concerned with H2O quality, The standard is 40 ohm. We say it makes all the difference in the performance. The cleaner the product – the better it performs and the less the SCR system will consume.  Many N2DEF customers claim significant reduction in consumption from their previous suppliers’ product.

As the industry’s demand for DEF grows, Brenward Industries continues to expand the envelope for a cleaner and purer product that in turn spurs the longevity of your SCR systems.

While the inclusion of DEF products is a relatively new, Brenward’s team has over 20 years of superior customer service and 15 years of petroleum experience, helping to make Brenward the clear choice for your DEF needs. All while providing cost effective solutions for your growing needs in Reno and surrounding western region.

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